Just as non-profit, NGO and NextGen leaders benefit from participating in the FRED Forum and FRED Leadership community, both the Forum and leadership community are greatly enriched by their inclusion.

“I know of no organization better positioned to lead the global dialogue about executive development than FRED. I cherish every professional association I’ve made through FRED–what an honor to work with this incredible array of thought leaders.”
Thomas A. Kolditz, Director, The Doerr Institute for New Leaders, Rice University

“Both I and my organisation benefit from me being a part of the FRED community. It keeps me connected to like-minded, brilliant people across industries and serves as a catalyst for new relationships and new ideas to develop leaders/executives around the world.”
Heidi Brandow, Global Practice Leader – Leadership & Executive Development, World Vision International

“Being a FRED member means a commitment to living, stimulating, and supporting moral and sustainable leadership.”
Jeni Lamb, FRED NextGen Leader, Executive Articles Editor, Emory Law Journal

In addition to the FRED Forum providing an annual “booster shot” of grounding and inspiration for each participant, the international, cross-sector FRED Leadership network is a continuing source of ideas and implementation synergies.

“I have been thinking a lot about the responsibility of leadership development specialists to focus on building a healthy context in which leaders will tend to make good decisions, rather than focusing so much on the individual. Tom Kolditz’ session absolutely underlined this agenda, and I also took from the Women PeaceMakers’ session the clarity that often leadership is a response to an opportunity – hence we can help build a context, but sometimes the context just comes along. My key action is to make these thoughts about building the context, rather than (only) developing individual leaders, very explicit in discussions with organizations and to be clearer as I set my own work priorities.”
Nandani Lynton, Global Head Leadership Excellence, Siemens

“I have redesigned a core element of our Women’s Leadership Conference as a result of attending the FRED Forum.”
Dr. Leslie Joyce, SVP & Chief People Officer, Novelis, Inc.

“I have shared the points about myth…and plot. That the facts are the same; the plot is something we decide. I have shared this with executive management in CARE in relation to a major change process that is on-going. It is having the impact of changing the plot!”
Alison Burden, Director, Gender Equity and Diversity and Talent Development, CARE

Impactful organizational partnerships, particularly linking the public and private arenas – grow organically from the “yeastiness” of the FRED Forum and network.

“The connections at FRED have provided numerous opportunities for the Women PeaceMakers program to expand its work and rethink its future. We are incredibly grateful that Cigna has recommitted its support of the 2015 Women PeaceMakers Fellows! And on a personal note, the coaching I received through FRED played a catalytic role in my applying for and being accepted into the PhD in Leadership Studies program at USD.”
Jen Freeman, M.A., Senior Program Officer, Women, Peace and Security Programs, Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice, University of San Diego