FRED Leadership Organizational Members fuel our ambitious mission to inspire the development of principled, transformative leaders that make the world a better place. These members are comprised of the world’s leading business schools, consulting groups, and global companies that are at the forefront of re-imagining the field of executive and leadership development.

FRED also supports emerging leaders early in their careers and recognizes leading role models for their outstanding contributions to the fields of leadership and leadership development.

Organizational Members provide guidance and creative ideas for FRED’s Board of Directors. They serve as a kind of “tribal council”, providing inspiration and wisdom to FRED Leadership as it grows and evolves.

Given that FRED Leadership is a (nonprofit) 501c3 corporation and overseen by an Executive Director and a volunteer Board of Directors, our organizational members, at times, are also called upon to provide “extra hands” for operational tasks.

Organizational Members consistently refer to the FRED Forum as “the most important professional development experience” they’re involved in each year, because of its focus on moral, ethical, and transformative leadership and its innovative format.

FRED Leadership appreciates the Organizational Members’ ongoing encouragement, inspiration, and support. In short, they are the essential engine that drives FRED!

Organizational Members