FRED Leadership + BTS NeXus Event in San Francisco – Reaching the C-Suite: Women in Leadership 

BTS and FRED Leadership are holding the next NeXus event, a sneak peek into BTS’s Women on the Rise program, to be held in San Francisco on Thursday, September 6th.

Women are outpacing men in college and master’s degree completion, and account for about half (47 percent) of the U.S. labor force. But there only 24 women amongst the most recent group of Fortune 500 CEOs – a mere 4.8 percent of the list.

Research shows that increased gender diversity leads to better business outcomes – 10% higher returns on equity, 48% higher operating result, and 70% stronger stock price growth, to name a few. So why aren’t more women in the executive ranks?

It is hard to decisively point to one reason why, but we know that this needs to change. BTS, the world leader of turning strategy into action, and FRED Leadership, a nonprofit committed to the development of ethical and inclusive leadership within organizations, have partnered to explore this critical issue.

Please join BTS and FRED Leadership for an engaging and interactive experience to learn more about the challenges that organizations face accelerating the development of female leaders.

  • Preview the research from BTS’ in-development leadership program, Women on the Rise, designed for accelerating the development of the highest performing female middle managers.
  • Engage in thoughtful discussion about the critical skills and sponsorship necessary for women to advance to the C-Suite.
  • Site visits to several local San Francisco companies who are making progress on creating an environment where both women and men can successfully lead –in equal numbers.

And of course, your peers across industries will be attending the event, so you’ll also have the chance to dive into some deep discussions around how they’re addressing this issue within their own organization.

After the event, you will walk away with a better understanding of why the lack of gender diversity prevails within the C-Suite, and how organizations are both successfully and unsuccessfully challenging this reality.

If this sparks your interest, reach out to David Small ( or Laura Bennett ( for more information!


The first FRED NeXus event was a success! 30 people participated in the day throughout a mix of academic and practical experiences.  Thanks to those who joined for the day!

On behalf of Bruce Wiesner, Jeremy Kourdi, and Mark Malcomson, we are delighted to invite you to our first FRED Leadership NeXus event in London.  We have put together a one-day program which we hope you will find interesting, inspiring and intellectually challenging, in the tradition of all FRED events.

What:                   “Disruption in Leadership,” and how technology, social responsibility and other forces are converging to challenge leaders like never before. The discussion will explore the implications for leaders, their organizations and their partners.

When:                  Thursday, June 21, 2018, 9am – 5pm: lunch provided and followed by a reception

Where:                London

FRED NeXus events are intimate gatherings designed to expand the FRED experience and impact outside of the annual forum.  The day will include the following sessions:

  • Jeremy Swain, Chief Executive, Thames Reach; Jeremy has worked with homeless people since 1980. Starting out as a volunteer he is now Chief Executive of the charity Thames Reach, one of UK’s largest charities in this area.
  • Dr. Martyn Newman: “Measuring EQ and Leadership Performance”; Martyn is a clinical psychologist specialising in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Mindfulness. He is author of the bestselling book Emotional Capitalists and newly released The Mindfulness Book
  • Andrew Crisp, Carrington Crisp: “What the Market is saying on Leadership Disruption”; Andrew is a founding partner of CarringtonCrisp: an education consultancy, providing market research, strategy, consulting and creative services across higher education
  • Curious courses:  How adults learn – a practical exploration
  • Dr. James Tansey, Associate Professor – University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business; James will discuss his work as Executive Director of Sauder S3i, a Research Centre dedicated to social innovation and sustainability

The day will include a visit to City Lit, Europe’s largest adult education college, where you actively take part in a short course.  City Lit take pride in innovating in the area of adult education for almost a century.  Curious courses enable participants to rekindle their love for education in a fun and challenging way.

To register, or with questions, please contact: Samantha Bunker, EA to Mark Malcomson;