October 1 – 4, 2018, Chicago, IL

Join FRED Leadership in Chicago this year as we put “FRED in the Fire: Igniting Leadership” 

At a time when defining what’s required for leadership today and in future is so critical, we must examine whether we’re doing all we can to truly cultivate ethical, inclusive and transformational leadership.  We must open ourselves up, listen to new and different voices, challenge our assumptions, and expand our thinking to include emerging perspectives from Next Generation leadership.  We need to hold our feet to the fire, ignite our own leadership and the leaders we develop … which is what we’ll look to do, together, at the forum.

If you are interested in attending, please contact David Small, Executive Director at dsmall@fredforum.org


2018 Forum Highlights

The full agenda is coming soon, but we’re excited to share a few forum highlights.

 Spotlight Speaker: Dr. Srini Pillay, MD, a physician and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He completed 17 years of nationally funded brain imaging research, and is currently a member of the “Group for Advancement of Psychiatry”, an American professional organization of psychiatrists dedicated to shaping psychiatric thinking, public programs and clinical practice in mental health. In addition to his work in psychiatry and brain imaging research, Srini is CEO of NeuroBusiness Group – voted one of the top 20 movers and shakers in leadership development in the world, (Training Industry, 2013). Srini has also consulted regularly for the past 10 years to companies that invest in biotechnology to assess medications in various illnesses including cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

He is the award-winning author of: Life Unlocked: 7 Revolutionary Ways to Overcome Fear and Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders. His new book is “Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind” (Ballantine Books, 2017). Srini has also presented a TEDxTalk – “WIRED FOR SUCCESS:The Science of Possibility.”

 Spotlight Speaker: Jacqueline Novogratz, who began her work in 1986 when she quit her job on Wall Street to help open Rwanda’s first microfinance institution, Duterimbere—an experience that inspired her to start Acumen. Seventeen years later, under Jacqueline’s leadership, Acumen has invested $113 million to build 108 social enterprises in 14 countries, bringing basic services such as affordable education, health care, clean water, energy and sanitation to more than 232 million people. In 2017, Forbes listed Jacqueline as one of the World’s 100 Greatest Living Business Minds.

Prior to Acumen, Jacqueline founded and directed The Philanthropy Workshop and The Next Generation Leadership programs at the Rockefeller Foundation. She serves on the Aspen Institute Board of Trustees and the board of IDEO.org, and sits on the Advisory Councils of the Harvard Business School’s Social Enterprise Initiative, the Oxford Said Global Leadership Council and the Pakistan Business Council’s Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business (CERB). Her best-selling memoir The Blue Sweater: Bridging the Gap Between Rich and Poor in an Interconnected World chronicles her quest to understand poverty and challenges readers to grant dignity to the poor and to rethink their engagement with the world.

 Spotlight Speaker: Lindsay Levin, is dedicated to cultivating wise, compassionate leaders who are capable of leading amidst competing priorities and rapid change. In 2001, she founded Leaders’ Quest, a social enterprise with a clear mission: to contribute to a more sustainable, equitable world by bridging the gaps that keep us apart, whether they’re differences in resources or in perspectives. To date, Leaders’ Quest has delivered 300+ transformational programs for more than 8,000 senior leaders.  Core to the work are two ideas: some of the most powerful learning in life comes from hands-on experience; and if we want to transform the world around us we must be prepared to transform ourselves.

Her latest initiative, Future Stewards, is a coalition to help leaders from business, civil society and governments make breakthroughs on climate change by 2020. Lindsay also advises other mission-led organisations. In 2004 she founded the Leaders’ Quest Foundation to nurture talented grassroots leaders in financially poor communities. She serves on the board of Hartford Care, a nursing home group in the UK, and Unitus Capital, an India-based investment firm focused on small businesses that benefit people with limited resources. From 2008 to 2012 she was Chair of the International Steering Committee of OneVoice, which works with Israelis and Palestinians committed to peaceful coexistence.

Spotlight Speaker: Dr. Bob Johansen, a distinguished fellow with the Institute for the Future in Silicon Valley. For more than 30 years, Bob has helped organizations around the world prepare for and shape the future, including corporations such as P&G, Walmart, McKinsey, United Rentals, and Syngenta, as well as major universities and nonprofits.

The author or co-author of ten books, Bob is a frequent keynote speaker. His best-selling book Get There Early: Sensing the Future to Compete in the Present was selected as one of the top business books of 2007. His latest book is The New Leadership Literacies. Bob holds a B.S. from the University of Illinois and a Ph.D. from Northwestern University—as well as a master’s degree that focused on world religions.





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