Barcelona-2The FRED Leadership Forum convened in Barcelona, Spain at the Hotel Miramar to redefine leadership and inspire the development of principled, transformative leaders who make the world a better place. September 20 – 23, 2016.

To follow on our theme of Purpose at last year’s Denver Forum, this year’s theme will be Imagination, which we believe to be the wellspring of Purpose.

With our local host, IESE Business School, we will discover important insights between leadership and imagination.  Through an immersive program, highlighting the city’s leadership and beauty, we will explore Barcelona’s history, architecture, commerce, fine arts, culinary arts, and so much more.

Featured Speakers

  • David Gosset, Director and Founder of the Acadmia Sinica Europaea
  • Sheila Hollins, The Baroness Hollins, Professor of Psychiatry at St. George’s University of London
  • Richard Leider, Author, “The Power of Purpose” and “Life Reimagined”
  • Yih-teen Lee, Associate Professor, IESE Business School
  • Richard Olivier, Artistic Director, Olivier Mythodrama
  • Maria del Mar de Ros Raventos, Board Member of the Junior Committee, Cordoníu
  • Laura Secor, Journalist and Author, “Children of Paradise: the Struggle for the Soul of Iran”
  • Judith Urbano, Head of Architectonical Composition Department, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, School of Architecture

Immersive Experiences

  • FRED Leadership Expeditions: Reimagining Work. Participants will work in small teams and visit exemplary Barcelona organizations.
  • The Sagrada Familia Experience: Antonio Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stands as a testament to his creative genius.  We will explore the story of Gaudi and his basilica in guided groups and then reflect upon his leadership legacy.

Pre-conference Session:  The Reimagined Life…with Richard Leider

FRED Forum Barcelona  Agenda

FRED Forum Barcelona Summary

2016 Spouse-Partner Activities

 About the FRED Leadership Forum

The FRED Leadership Forum gathers, connects, inspires and supports established and emergent leaders from across sectors and generations. It explores the “why” as well as the “how” of leaders’ work and serves as a nexus, catalyst and incubator for re-imagined leadership. The Forum’s most distinctive feature, a focus on moral imperatives for enriching the world as well as the bottom line, feeds the soul as well as the intellect, thereby cultivating world-shaping aspirations, expertise and skills.

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