The inaugural FRED Forum was held on December 1-3, 2009 at the historic Desmond Tutu Center in New York City. The FRED Forum 2009 featured a fascinating mix of eye-opening presentations, inspiring thought leaders and the immersion experiences that are now a hallmark of FRED.

Highlights of the FRED Forum 2009 Program:

Discovering What Matters
Richard Leider, Founder and Chairman of The Inventure Group, presented powerful insights into discovering what matters, especially what motivates the emergent workforce and other key highlights from Discovering What Matters: Balancing Money, Medicine and Meaning, the new MetLife Mature Market Institute Study, and the relevance to Executive Development.

> Building High Performance Boards
Bev Behan, Founder of BoardAdvisor and co-author of the book, Building Better Boards: A Blueprint for Effective Governance, led a panel discussion covering optimizing Board effectiveness, working effectively with the Board, and Board engagement in executive development.  Behan called on her personal experience in working with more than 85 Boards and panel members had extensive Board experience.

Conscious Capitalism
Many keen observers suggest that a broad change may be underway in the nature of the economy and of capitalism itself.  Dr. Rajendra S. Sisodia, Professor of Marketing at  Bentley University, presented about the shift towards an age of “conscious capitalism,” the strategies of well-known companies that understanding these new realities, and change-management processes for surviving and thriving.

Leadership Expeditions
FRED participants were divided into four teams to conduct “field research” into different non-busines situations where there are potentially significant things to learn about education/development, leadership, private/public collaboration, etc., through immersion in those organizations.  One example:  One of the teams visited a charter to explore first-hand the experience of the students and school leaders.  Afterwards, the teams shared insights gleaned from the expeditions and how lessons in learning and leadership development could apply their organizations.

2009 FRED Leadership Spotlight honorees:

Frances Hesselbein
Francis is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Leader to Leader Institute (formerly the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management.)  Frances is the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States’ highest civilian honor.  At the FRED awards dinner, she gave an inspiring and emotional acceptance speech that is still the talk of the FRED Community.

Warren Bennis
Warren was the Distinguished Professor of Business Administration and Founding Chairman of the Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California.  He is also Chairman of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School and Distinguished Research Fellow at the Harvard Business School.

FRED Forum 2009 Synopsis

About the FRED Leadership Forum

The FRED Leadership Forum gathers, connects, inspires and supports established and emergent leaders from across sectors and generations. It explores the “why” as well as the “how” of leaders’ work and serves as a nexus, catalyst and incubator for re-imagined leadership. The Forum’s most distinctive feature, a focus on moral imperatives for enriching the world as well as the bottom line, feeds the soul as well as the intellect, thereby cultivating world-shaping aspirations, expertise and skills.