FRED connects and inspires those who exemplify and cultivate ethical, inclusive and transformational leadership.

Guiding Principles

FRED’s Foundational principles encourage and support leaders who:

  • are committed to making themselves, their organizations and the world a better place
  • embody a generosity of spirit focused on serving the common good
  • identify and guide the next generation of leaders
  • engage others with honesty and respect
  • ground decisions and actions in objective truth
  • are inveterate learners
  • actively build bridges across contrasting points of view and interests

The FRED Forum is an ideas and action incubator where attendees explore new thinking, leading edge ideas, fresh perspectives, and highly immersive experiences designed to evolve and expand leadership and leadership/executive development.

FRED Forum

The FRED Leadership Forum gathers established and emergent leaders from across sectors and generations. Through immersing participants in leading-edge thinking and transformational experiences, the Forum explores the “why” as well as the “how” of leaders’ work and serves as a nexus, catalyst and incubator for re-imagined leadership. The Forum’s most distinctive feature, a focus on moral imperatives for enriching the world, replenishes the soul as well as the intellect and the operational toolkit.

Beyond the Forum: “Powered by FRED”

FRED Leadership’s vibrant, generative network of leaders naturally inspires, initiates and/or brokers extensive influences “beyond the Forum.” These include innovative ideas from the FRED Forum that have impact in “the real world”; FRED leaders who offer professional services to non-profits and NGOs; public:private partnerships that emerge from FRED’s cross-fertilization of sectors and generations. While such initiatives percolate organically, and therefore unpredictably, they represent an integral component of FRED’s mission to make the world a better place.