FRED Leadership is excited to offer a variety of new events in 2019. Check back here for details about NeXus gatherings, Signature Events, virtual engagements, and community dinners.

NeXus Events: NeXus events are 1-1.5 day local events that connect and expand the FRED community and broaden FRED’s brand awareness and impact.

  • London NeXus: June 5, British Museum
    • 13:00  – 17:30 with a drinks receptionVenue – British Museum
  • Boston NeXus: Date TBD
  • Australia NeXus: August 14-16, Melbourne

Virtual Engagements: webinars and podcasts designed to connect, inspire and galvanize the FRED community through the provision of leading edge information, research and practices in the fields of leadership development and talent management.

  • Full Spectrum Leadership Webinar: May 30, 2019; 10am PST; Gabe Cervantes, Research Assistant with Institute for the Future:
  • About The Session: Full-Spectrum Thinking: Big data characterized the last decade and what that means for the future is only now being understood. The emergence and adoption of big data, analytics, machine learning, and visualization have brought us to a moment in time when full-spectrum thinking is not only possible but in certain instances, necessary. Full-spectrum thinking is the ability to seek clarity and understanding across gradients of possibility – while resisting the temptations of premature categorization or false certainty. It is a departure from categorical thinking which innately forces us to label people, experiences, and things into rigid categories of familiarity.During our session, we will explore how Full-Spectrum Thinking works as a framework and dive deeper into signals of the future when we consider topics like diversity, ethics, and inclusive leadership. What is the overall disruption Full-Spectrum Thinking brings? What areas of opportunities or threats exist along this transition? What skills and resources can I begin to explore and practice with? We will explore these and other questions.

Bio: Gabe Cervantes is a spectrum diversity futurist exploring the nuances of identity on space, place, and leadership. His forecasting is focused on racial, ethnic, gender, age, and thought diversity and how it will come to shape future workforces and executive leadership.



  • IFTF Webinar: September TBD; with Lyn Jeffrey, Distinguished Fellow and head of their LEARN@IFTF to discuss another area of futurist thinking

Community Dinners: informal dinners or gatherings in regional locations for FRED members.

  • (PAST) Northwest Alumni Dinner: Seattle, hosted by David Dotlich and Karen Kocher, FRED Board Members: April 24, 6pm
  • (PAST) Chicago Alumni and NextGen Leaders Meeting: Northwestern University: March 23

Signature Events: a uniquely FRED development experience designed to create deep insight, meaningful change, and impactful personal connections with other participants.

  • Check back soon!