FRED Forum Barcelona
Narrative Overview

The countdown to the 2016 FRED Forum in Barcelona has begun. Barcelona is one of the world’s leading tourist, economic, and cultural centers, and its influence on commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts contributes to its status as one of the world’s major, global cities.

Founded as a Roman city, Barcelona has constantly redefined itself in its march through history. Today, it is particularly well known for hosting the 1992 Summer Olympic Games and for the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi. It is the perfect setting for the storied exploration of re-imagination and re-invention, this year’s FRED Forum theme.

The Reimagined Life

Building on his presentation at last year’s FRED Forum in Denver, Richard Leider is offering a pre-program workshop, The Reimagined Life, on Tuesday, September 20th, from 9:00am to 4:00pm. What’s the next chapter for you?  The workshop is based on Richard’s best-selling books, Life Reimagined and Work Reimagined, and during it, you will experience tools and perspectives, and take home a vision, a plan, and practices for living and working purposefully in the next phase of your life. Richard’s workshop will be open to both participants and their partners. If you are interested in signing up for it, please contact Glenda for details / Pre-Session Workshop.

Welcome & Kick-Off


Hotel Miramar Grounds

Along with our FRED Board of Directors and our local hosts from the IESE Business School, I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening, September 20th, at the Hotel Miramar for our kick-off event in a lovely courtyard overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Even if you are travel weary, please join us for tapas, light jazz, and cava in this romantic, classic Spanish setting. A special ‘surprise’ will highlight this outdoor evening session.

Call to Adventure

On Wednesday morning, we will magnify FRED Leadership’s call to adventure. For those of us in the field of leadership development, this is a time when we have outgrown the stories that we have been telling ourselves for many years; the world is calling for us to become something more. And, so the FRED Leadership Community is being called to re-imagine the field of leadership development in order to meet the moral and ethical demands of today’s world. It will not happen overnight, and it will not happen without courageous and determined leadership on our part.

Global Affairs

Mid-morning, that first day, we will have our minds stretched by David Gosset, a sinologist and global affairs and international relations expert, who will explore the tectonic, geopolitical shifts that are rocking the world.

The Sagrada Familia


Sagrada Familia Interior

That afternoon, Yih-teen Lee will be our guide and facilitator as we think about, reflect upon, and draw leadership lessons from Antoni Gaudi. We will explore his masterpiece, Sagrada Familia, in small tour groups and then travel to the IESE campus, where, under Yih-teen Lee’s tutelage, we will extract further meaning from our immersion at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Late Wednesday afternoon, we will return to the Hotel Miramar for a respite from all our travels and to refresh before enjoying a lovely dinner.

FRED Leadership Expeditions

The next day, Thursday, after our Basecamp experience, we will move into small groups for our Leadership Expeditions. This year’s expeditions have been designed around the theme of new ways of working and living through visits with intriguing companies that are reimagining our most basic social practices, and we will visit eight cutting-edge entrepreneurial companies with leaders who are redefining how we live, work, and interact in the 21st century. During these immersive visits, we will meet with leaders from diverse companies, including health and biotech, sustainable banking, digital marketing, energy, and various social entrepreneurs. After these visits, we will return to the Hotel Miramar, discuss our Leadership Expeditions, and enjoy lunch together.

A Journalist’s Perspective

Thursday afternoon we will kick-off with Laura Secor, a professor of journalism at Princeton and the author of Children of Paradise:  The Struggle for the Soul of Iran. She will share personal stories of leadership courage, as well as her insights gleaned in her decade of covering Iran for the New Yorker Magazine and the New York Times.

FRED Leadership Spotlights

David Batstone, Founder of Not For Sale, an anti-human trafficking organization, will provide an update to his riveting and provocative 2015 Denver presentation.

During our final afternoon session, we will shine our FRED Leadership Spotlight on Baroness Sheila Hollins, a professor of psychiatry. Events and circumstance have called her to a ‘life of purpose’, and she will share her inspiring story with us. Pope Francis has appointed her to the newly created Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. Being a FRED Leadership Hero is simply her latest of many accolades.

The Oldest Family Business in Spain


Sala Puig

For our last evening together, we will travel to Cavas Codorniu, a winery that is synonymous with the Spanish wine industry. Our host and speaker will be Maria del Mar de Ros Raventos, whose family has owned the winery for over 450 years–making Cavas Codorniu the oldest family business in Spain and one of the oldest in the world. Maria will share the secrets of her families’ sparkling wine business and how the business has re-invented and sustained itself for these many centuries. Designed by the architect Josep Puigi Cadafalch, the cellar is recognized as an Artistic National Monument.

The Transforming Power of Imagination: Inspirations from The Tempest

Friday morning, following Basecamp, our final session will be with Richard Olivier, the founding voice of Mythodrama, and recognized by the Best Practices Institute as the 2013 Thought Leader. Many of you will remember Richard from the Vancouver Forum, where we worked with Shakespeare’s Henry V, and Richard became a dedicated member of the FRED Leadership Community. Back by popular demand, Richard and Nick Ross, co-artistic director at Mythodrama, will explore the world of ‘re-imagination and transformational change’ by guiding us through The Tempest. As we wrap up our time together, the session will offer a creative, and vitally different, perspective on the management of personal change, and ultimately, on leading change.

As we say Good-bye, we will take these lessons forward with us as we answer FRED Leadership’s ‘Call to Adventure’ by inspiring the development of principled, transformative leaders, who make the world a better place.

Warm personal regards,

Richard O. Kimball
Co-Founder, FRED Leadership

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