FRED Leadership is a community that connects and inspires those who exemplify and cultivate ethical, inclusive and transformational leadership.

FRED is a community for developers of leaders – from corporations, universities, consultancies and non-profit organizations – who are principled, honest and compassionate, and who commit to the recognition and development of ethical leadership in themselves, their organizations and beyond.

FRED’s purpose is to stay focused on a guiding star, to be guided by a moral compass and to enroll and embrace a universe of like-minded colleagues.  At the heart of the FRED community is a fire of passion that is balanced by a coolness of compassion, resilience and courage.

FRED’s mission is deep and abiding as it speaks to the why as well as the how, and the heart as well as the head, of leadership that is trustworthy, elevating and galvanizing.

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Why Join FRED?

  • MAKE AN IMPACT: Be part of a professional community that leverages its collective leadership to spark partnerships and initiatives with far-reaching impacts that improve the quality of ethical, inclusive leadership in the world.
  • ELEVATE YOUR PURPOSE:  Seek ways to enrich and expand shared purpose with peers and deepen one’s own learning through unique, transformational, immersive experiences.
  • BUILD CONNECTIONS: Expand your professional network to include a diversity of thought leaders, partners, advisors and luminaries in the fields of executive and leadership development, talent management and human resources.

FRED Forum

If you care about the quality of ethical, inclusive leadership in today’s world, we invite you to join the FRED Leadership community by attending the annual FRED Forum.  The Forum is, above all, an action-oriented incubator for a gathering of influential leaders and leader developers.

  • The FRED Forum is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to expand your thinking, deepen your resolve, and add your voice to advancing ethical, inclusive leadership in these troubled and troubling times.
  • Participants are an invited group of vibrant leaders, researchers and thinkers from the world’s leading business schools, corporations and consultancies.
  • Our purpose is to address the current, and hoped-for, state of ethical, inclusive leadership.  FRED imagines how best to encourage such leadership, how to develop it and how to ensure that ethical, inclusive values prevail in a world fragmented by tribalism, misinformation, and outright deceit.

FRED Forum 2020 page coming soon! Visit the 2019 Forum page very soon for video highlights.  


Create real change in the quality of your leadership, enrich the purpose of your organization, and build lasting connections with a diverse group of luminaries.

Join our member community of leaders who exemplify and cultivate ethical, inclusive and transformational leadership.

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Making an Impact

FRED Leadership’s vibrant network of leaders naturally inspires extensive influences “beyond the Forum,” that have impact in “the real world.”

  • FRED Leadership and the World Leadership School Youth Action Accelerator (June 2018): launched a new experience for fostering leadership in youth, with 40 students from public, private and charter high schools, to Watch a student-made video about their experience!


Thank you to our FRED Leadership Organizational Members!