Welcome to FRED Leadership

FRED Leadership is guided by the belief that moral and inclusive leadership is needed now more than ever as we navigate an ever-increasing volatile and uncertain world.  FRED Leadership is an organization whose purpose is to inspire and serve as a catalyst for the development of moral and inclusive leadership across the globe.

FRED’s foundational principles encourage and support leaders who:

  • are committed to making themselves, their organizations and the world a better place
  • embody a generosity of spirit focused on serving the common good
  • identify and guide the next generation of leaders
  • engage others with honesty and respect
  • ground decisions and actions in objective truth
  • are inveterate learners
  • actively build bridges across contrasting points of view and interests

What’s New & Newsworthy


FRED Forum 2017

The FRED Leadership Forum gathers established and emergent leaders from across sectors and generations.

Visit the 2017 FRED Forum page https://fredleadership.org/fred-forum-2017/ for a recap on our forum in New York City, October 3 – 5, 2017.

“A Look into Gen Z” by Lecyca Curiel, Whetston

A bright spot of the 2017 FRED Forum was no doubt Lecyca Curiel, a sharp, eloquent 19-year-old student and Whetston research associate from the Netherlands.  Lecyca shared some eye-opening insights about Generation Z, what’s important to them, and what they want in their workplace and from leaders.

You can find her recorded presentation here.

10-4-2017 Lecyca Curiel from FRED Forum on Vimeo.

And trust us, keep a pen and paper handy – there are some big takeaways you’ll want to jot down!

Making an Impact

FRED Leadership’s vibrant, generative network of leaders naturally inspires, initiates and/or brokers extensive influences “beyond the Forum.” These include innovative ideas from the FRED Forum that have impact in “the real world.”

  • Institute for Peace & Justice – Each year The Institute for Peace & Justice Women PeaceMakers Program at the University of San Diego (USD) hosts four women from around the world to document and share their peacemaking stories.  https://www.sandiego.edu/peace/institutes/ipj/