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FRED Leadership is a premier nonprofit organization that connects and inspires those who exemplify and cultivate ethical, inclusive and transformational leadership.

FRED is a community for developers of leaders – from corporations, business schools, consultancies and non-profit organizations – who are principled, honest and compassionate, and who commit to the recognition and development of ethical leadership in themselves, their organizations and beyond.

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What’s New & Newsworthy

  • Pre-conference workshops now available for registration, on October 1!
  • FRED Leadership is excited to partner with Daily Guru as our official media partner! Check out the Daily Guru’s website for helpful personal and professional development resources.
  • Read a fascinating story about Srini Pillay, an upcoming FRED Forum speaker, written by Bill Taylor!
  • The next FRED NeXus event, in partnership with BTS, on September 6 in San Francisco! See details of the event on the NeXus page!
  • Check out the story on Bob Johansen and Gabe Cervantes, speakers at the upcoming forum, written by Bill Taylor

FRED Forum 2018

FRED in the Fire: Igniting Leadership. The FRED forum gathers established and emergent leaders from across sectors and generations, in a transformational and highly immersive experience. It provides an opportunity for members to network with peers who have responsibility for, or a strong commitment to developing leaders and leadership within their organizations.

It allows for colleagues to learn from one another and further develop their leadership development practices.  FRED also serves as an ongoing channel for its community to connect with one another, gain insight and share best practices, and evolve the field of leadership development in an ethical and inclusive way.

Visit the 2018 FRED Forum page for details about this year’s Forum.

Making an Impact

FRED Leadership’s vibrant, generative network of leaders naturally inspires, initiates and/or brokers extensive influences “beyond the Forum.” These include innovative ideas from the FRED Forum that have impact in “the real world.”

  • Several weeks ago, FRED Leadership and the World Leadership School gathered 40 students from a variety of public, private and charter high schools, to launch a new experience for fostering leadership in youth, called the Youth Action Accelerator. Watch a student-made video about their experience!



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